PhD Thesis


  • Safe Manipulation of Humans in Robot-driven Physical Human-Robot Interaction, Francisco J Ruiz-Ruiz

Master Thesis (TFM)


  • Dynamic modeling of an underactuated gripper for Physical Human-Robot Interaction, Adrián Bañuls Arias

Bachelor Thesis (TFG)


  • Development of a simulation model for a mobile manipulator with an omnidirecctional robotic base (Open)
  • Development of a high-level ROS package for robotic systems actuated by smart motors (Open)
  • Development of a software interface for the control of a mobile manipulator with omnidirectional wheels (Open)


  • Pablo Aguilar Orellana, Low consumption system for remote monitoring of robotic walkers, 2020
  • Trinidad Sánchez Montoya, Design of an underactuated robotic hand with a flexible tactile sensor, 2019
  • Jose Antonio Figuerola Palacios, Sensorized human arm model for researching in physical Human-Robot Interaction, 2019
  • Miguel de Médicis Barrionuevo, Visual control of a parallel aerial manipulator, 2019
  • Francisco J. Ruiz-Ruiz, Wearable sensorized wristband for victims monitoring, 2018
  • Maria Fernández Hijano, Pressure images data acquisition system for an array, resisitve-based tactile sensor, 2018
  • José Andrés Lorenzo Robles, Connected, portable force measurement device, 2018

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